Tricia Barr Talks “The Forgotten Droid” on RebelForce Radio Declassified

Forgotten Droid

Tricia Barr joined the roundtable for RebelForce Radio Declassified to disucss Star Wars Rebels “The Forgotten Droid.” For more of her thoughts on “The Forgotten Droid,” check out her article on artificial intelligence and characterization over at FANgirl Blog.

“The Forgotten Droid” features Chopper on his own as he gets separated from the crew of The Ghost and finds himself on an adventure. We break the whole episode down from start-to-finish with a great roundtable discussion featuring expert analysis from our esteemed panelists. Joining Jimmy Mac and STAR WARS artist Spencer Brinkerhoff III are Tricia Barr (Fangirls Going Rogue) and Geek Out Loud’s Steve Glosson.


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