#HeresRey To Brighten Up Your Room

Recently, we sent a Rey wallcovering from Roommates out to two of our loyal Fangirls Going Rogue listeners to get their hands-on thoughts on the product. Here is what Sophia and Chaney had to say:

1. Where did you choose to put your Rey wall covering?

We chose to put our Rey wall covering on our bedroom wall, amongst our other fandom-themed decorations.Rey in pieces

2. How easy or difficult was it to assemble?

It was mostly easy to assemble. The Rey wall covering came in multiple pieces, and they were numbered in the order you should put them together in. It was slightly difficult to match up the pieces perfectly, but after a few tries it was pretty simple.Rey assembly

3. Why is Rey important to you as a fan?

Rey is important to us as a fan because she’s an amazing character, an awesome role model, and the first female main character in Star Wars. She’s strong, loyal, compassionate, and a great addition to the Star Wars universe.Rey assembly 2

4. Why is it important to have things like the Rey wall covering to celebrate her character?

Rey marks a new era in Star Wars, and for female fangirls, and being able to purchase merchandise and support this amazing character is something we think many fangirls are more than happy to do. Through her merchandise we can celebrate and support Rey, and help to make people more aware of how much we love Rey and want more products featuring her.Size comparison
You can find Roommates wall coverings at RoommatesDecor.com.
FANgirl Blog was provided the product in exchange for a fair review.

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