Episode #40: All That Glitters Is Carrie Fisher

In this episode Fangirls Going Rogue, Teresa Delgado, Sarah Woloski, and Tricia Barr share our love for the late Carrie Fisher. Included in our discussion are the things we learned from her book The Princess Diarist. It is a sad time in fandom but we found joy in the memories of our real life hero. Read on for more exciting things in this episode, including Rogue One and Star Wars Rebels! (Or just dive in and take a listen.)

In this episode of Fangirls Going Rogue:

  • Fangirls Going Rogue has a new Facebook group where you can discuss anything: Star Wars, Disney, Wonder Woman… the sky’s the limit. The group is closed. Search for “Fangirls Going Rogue” and ask to join.
  • In addition to remembering Carrie Fisher, talk turns to how Leia Organa’s legacy might be preserved or changed. This conversation was recorded before the StarWars.com announcement regarding any future use of Carrie Fisher’s likeness in upcoming films.
  • Saw Gerrera joins Star Wars Rebels. Rogues react.
  • SWEU Funkos? Bring them on!
  • Donald Glover talks expectations for his role as Lando Calrissian.
  • Lucas Museum has a home! Sarah Woloski fangirlflails for her home town.
  • Get to know the stars of Rogue One. The Fangirls explore the careers of Diego Luna, Donnie Yen, and Jiang Wen.
  • The character discussion is #GoingRogue this month as we share first impressions of Jyn Erso from Rogue One.

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