Episode 61: Star Wars Resistance

We took a little summer vacation so that we could #life but we are back with all the news that the summer has had to offer. Casting rumors for Episode 9,The Clone Warsand Galaxy’s Edge. We also take a dive into the controversy of the new Popular Film category at the Academy Awards. After we recorded there was some updated information on the category for Popular Films, including that it will not be in the 2019 show until they vet the qualifications for the category further.


With Star Wars Resistance being the closest thing on the horizon for us we discuss all things Team Fireball. We go through the entire voice cast and talk about what we are most excited about.

First Look Trailer for Star Wars Resistance

Meet Team Fireball

Since we recorded, a new featurette has come out introducing us the Aces a group of pilots that are some of the best in the galaxy!

Meet The Aces

Our character discussion this episode is all about THE FORCE!

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