Comic-Con at Home 2020: Music for Animation

By Kai Charles, Media Content Producer

Recently I finished the docuseries “Into the Unknown” and I was really struck by the creative process of the film being very much held in the care of women. I felt a similar thread in a virtual press junket with musicians and lyricists Elyssa Samsel and Kate Anderson.

These two women have been in a partnership for over ten years. They are known for their work in “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” in 2017, the movie JoJo Rabbit, and more recently the Apple TV show Central Park.

Throughout the conversation Elyssa and Kate shared their process for writing for the challenges of an animated show. The usual turnaround for first draft songs can be as short as two weeks. When I asked them about the challenges and benefits, both women mentioned the joy of working with a best friend and having the advantage of “sharing a brain”.

The duo really connected with Josh Gad while making “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” and that later manifested into their collaboration on Central Park. They both connected with the showrunner’s vision of the show and the ability to influence the look of the show, like Elyssa suggesting the instrument the narrator of the show carries.

If you want to learn more about these talented ladies, check them out today with some other guests on The Music of Animation panel.

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