Spotlight on A LA Brava, Universe of Latina Superheroes

A new generation of creators are working on creating the representation they want to see in the world of Comic Books. Kayden Phoenix is creating a multifaceted group of women heroes that reflect the world she lives in. I had a chance to ask her some questions about her work after Wondercon@Home .

1) Describe your journey in deciding to focus on a Universe of Latina Heroes

I come from the film industry as a writer so a couple years ago I was thinking of what I wanted to see on the big screen and I instantly said “Latina superhero!” So, I created 5 to increase my chances that I’d get one on the screen. And that’s my universe.

2) Were there any icons in your culture or family history that helped shape the Characters?

My mom has always been my superhero. So when I was thinking of my first superhero, I thought of what she did, which was dance folklorico (traditional mexican dance). So I made a superhero that dances folklorico- Jalisco. The other Latina superheroes are bits and pieces from my childhood.

3) How many books do you have planned for the series?

Ah, I have no idea! Right now, for sure 6. That’s the origin stories of all 5 and then the team book. I do plan on doing a V2 for all of them as well so at least 12.

You can purchase the first five volumes of her interconnected Universe at Latina Superhereos

You can watch Kayden and other creators talk about their work in the video below.

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