LEGO Movie World: Is Everything Awesome?

LEGOLAND, Ca – Walking into the LEGO Movie World at LEGOLAND California is best experienced by imagining you are a minifigure. As someone who had never been to a Legoland theme park I approached the entire park from this perspective. If you are a fan of the LEGO Movies then you will appreciate the level of detail that has gone into this new area of the park. This area of the park used to be the home of LEGO Friends Heartlake City and DUPLO Playtown. At this particular press event I had the amazing pleasure to collaborate with fellow Fangirls Going Rogue co-host Sarah Woloski and her husband Richard Woloski. We tag teamed the event and created a Vlog of our experience which you can watch right here, or scroll down to the embedded video at the bottom of this article.

In the new LEGO Movie World area there are three rides, a building station, merchandise shop, character meet and greet, play area including a large splash fountain and 3 food/snack areas. The area is not large but not overly small either for a land/area in a theme park. It does not feel crowded and is designed in a circle format. There were lots of places to sit and the balance between activities for young kids and older kids was done well.

The rides are fun but not overly unique or special. Two of the rides are classic theme park or fair type rides. The theming ties into the LEGO Movie franchise well. The colors are bright and attractive and definitely up the overall appeal of the rides. I personally enjoyed UniKitty’s Disco Drop because I love a good drop ride. It definitely is not as tall as I would liked it to be but this is due to the fact that it is geared towards kids not adults. Queen Whatevra’s Carousel is your typical carousel. My main complaint about this ride is the fact that the horses you ride are abnormally wide. I am not sure how most kids can stay on the horses. I had a hard time mounting the horse I chose and once I dismounted my hips were in quite some pain. The horses on the inside seemed a little more narrow so I would recommend those.

The third ride which would be the big E-ticket attraction is Emmet’s Flying Adventure: Masters of Flight. This ride is a simulation ride with a big screen similar to Soarin’ at the Disney Theme Parks. Overall I enjoyed this ride quite a bit because of the more adult nature of the ride, immersiveness. One thing I did enjoy about this ride that Soarin’ does not have is some higher level thrills. It also does not feel like you are flying over the areas it does actually feel like you are in the middle of the lands it takes you to. 

My favorite part of the entire land is Emmet’s Super Suite, which is where you can meet the characters of the Lego Movie World franchise. On our visit we had the chance to meet Emmet and Rex. I am sure if I had hung out around the Suite for the entire time I was there I could have caught Wyldstyle or UniKitty. I might be a little biased when it comes to this area because in general at ANY theme park the character meet and greets are my favorite part. I think the characters did an amazing job interacting with you and really helped with the immersiveness of the land. I would like to see the characters walking around the area too.

We did not have a chance to sample all of the food they had to offer but I did eat one thing and it was quite good. Cloud Cuckoo Crepes is a quick service crepe spot. I had the pleasure of eating the seasonal crepe that was filled with Strawberries and Nutella. It was topped off with powdered sugar, Hershey’s chocolate sauce and whipped cream. It was a great snack. I did notice the line would get long and due to its placement the line can take up a large part of the walkway area. This is easily fixable and I think they will fix it in the future.

I did have a really good time and there are some great photo spots. Definitely when you do go take some time to enjoy the surroundings and look around at all of the details. As a person that builds lots of LEGO, outside of the attractions this was my favorite part. You can find our detailed report on the latest episode of Fangirls Going Rogue.

Overall, I would say that the land is bright, entertaining and for fans of the LEGO Movie franchise it really is Awesome. Is it the best theme park land I have ever been to? Absolutely not but for what it is they did a great job. I would say that it is definitely worth a visit but I would wait for all of LEGOLAND to be up and running. If you want to see what my day at LEGO Movie World was like then watch the video below. Fellow Fangirl Sarah Woloski from Skywalking Through Neverland and I helped create this Vlog for the Skywalking through Neverland Youtube channel which you can find here. This video gives a really good look at the land and what to expect when you visit.


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