Fangirls Going Rogue Episode 23 (September 2015)

Fangirls Going Rogue Anna Graves

It’s a Force Friday bonanza on this episode of Fangirls Going Rogue. Teresa Delgado, Tricia Barr, and Sarah Woloski share their experiences from Force Friday events across the country. From the unboxing live stream seen around the world to fans attending midnight madness, we break down the merchandise mayhem. Kay from FANgirl Blog joins the discussion to fill our listeners in on Star Wars happenings at Dragon Con, from cosplaying Rey of The Force Awakens and celebrating Kathleen Kennedy Day to the VIP panels with Peter Mayhew and Vanessa Marshall. The Journey to The Force Awakens publishing program released a swell of books, and Tricia offers suggestions on where to start while Sarah shares details of DK Publishing’s Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need To Know book launch at Mysterious Galaxies in San Diego. In a special interview, Anna Graves tells the Fangirls about voicing Princess Leia for Disney Infinity and Duchess Satine Kryze and Sugi on The Clone Wars. The character discussion dives into the male characters from The Force Awakens that we find intriguing.


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