Let’s Watch The Force Awakens: Out On Blu-Ray Today!

Today is Blu-ray Day for The Force Awakens! Over at FANgirl Blog, Tricia Barr shares her thoughts on the bonus features in the combo pack provided by Disney.

Rey in snow

Her favorite feature was “Blueprint of a Battle: The Snow Fight” Here’s what Tricia had to say:

It’s odd that discussion of this scene was omitted from the main documentary, because the snow battle is the scene that defines the movie’s hero Rey, but more on that later. The setup of the feature is the amazing set built for this scene. But then it turns to Adam Driver (Kylo Ren) discussing how the scene needs to be grounded in something other than a lightsaber fight, John Boyega (Finn) talking about the emotion he needed to fight back against Driver’s impassioned attack ,and Daisy Ridley (Rey) sharing what it meant to be a part of this moment:

“We’ve got this incredibly strong female character. There is something about this girl that people can feel. There is something about her that is going to broaden the story. And she is the last man standing as it were. It is an amazing feeling.”

With that closer “Blueprint of a Battle: The Snow Fight” captures the entire meta of why women have rallied around this movie. This is the best feature of the group by far.

Meanwhile, Teresa Delgado waited for Target to open to get their special edition.

Look what Sarah Woloski found!

THAT'S what I'm talking about!! #HeresRey #TheForceAwakens

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Apparently some set goofery, like Ridley rapping, can be found on the Target exclusive Blu-ray, which also features more on the stunt training.

As we prepare to record our next episode we want to hear your thoughts on the bonus features. Did you find any cool collectibles to go along with your Blu-ray? Leave us a comment here or on social media, or drop us a voicemail.

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