Episode 53: Lead Up to THE LAST JEDI

The Last Jedi is almost upon us! While you wait listen to Teresa Delgado, Sarah Woloski, and Tricia Barr review the highlights of the star-studded press conference held in Los Angeles. We know fans want to still enjoy Star Wars but avoid spoilers, so we bring you some fun interviews that aren’t The Last Jedi-centric. They include:

  • Clair Henry talks to Po-Zu about their latest Star Wars shoe offerings at MCM Birmingham
  • Little Bits Director of Product Design Krystal Persaud talks about designing STEM toys for everyone
  • Droid-builder Christina Cato, featured in the Looking For Leia preview reel, tells us about droid-building
Droidbuilder Christina Cato Image credit: Looking for Leia documentary

Richard Woloski of Skywalking Through Neverland and James Burns of Jedi News join the show for a unique Social Media Shout-out, then on to the character discussion, in which we discuss the costumes worn by Padmé Amidala. STAY TUNED FOR LATER IN THE WEEK FOR OUR THE LAST JEDI REACTION SHOW!

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