Star Wars Celebration Chicago: Day 1

Thursday, April 11th

Thursday of Star Wars Celebration dawns. Unlike any previous Star Wars Celebration, this one is 5 days long – Thursday through Monday. And because of this, the show floor opens at 1pm on Thursday and there are no panels! So by default, we are going to explore the Show Floor. The booth that draws our eye first is Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.
One of three Photo Ops at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Booth
Spires surround a huge booth with 3 photo ops, prop replicas, and MERCHANDISE! One of the biggest surprises? An actual ride vehicle for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance!! We also got a preview of merchandise. Would you like to side with the First Order or the Resistance? Here you will have your choice. TIP: Each day of Star Wars Celebration, Galaxy’s Edge booth will have new merchandise on display. There are special times for Merchandise Demonstrations. You can view all of these right here, including holocrons and lightsabers in Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities! Galaxy’s Edge is coming to Disneyland on MAY 31ST!!! After this booth, I raced over to Po-Zu Shoes, a fabulous company that provides sustainable and ethically sourced shoes – and they happen to have a Star Wars license. In fact, they provided Daisy Ridley with her boots for Star Wars: THE FORCE AWAKENS, and now have several styles and colors of “Rey Boots”. The most recent: silver linen. Well, I tried them on, fell in love, and had to have them.
After checking out several booths and trying to figure out what to buy and how much money to spend, it was time for the first meet-up of the convention: The Hoojib Hop! Hoojibs are part of the Star Wars expanded universe – they first appeared in a Classic Marvel Star Wars comic. Hoojibs are little aliens that look like bunny rabbits. They are diminutive creatures that mean no harm, except that they eat electricity! We have embraced them as our podcast mascot, and demand to #MakeHoojibsCanon in the new Star Wars – Disney canon! As part of our persuasion, we all come together for a meet-up in which we don hoojib ears and hop around the Show Floor, proclaiming loudly “Make Hoojibs Canon!” What a blast!!! Thanks to Fantha Tracks for hosting our meet-up at their booth.
Tricia, Teresa, Sandra and I capped off Day 1 of Star Wars Celebration with “A Night at Canto Bight” hosted by the 501st, Rebel Alliance, Mandolorian Mercs – basically a Multi-Club Bash! But what happens in Canto Bight stays in Canto Bight. You’ll just have to follow us on social media to see what craziness ensued. I will tell you that it was absolutely surreal to be dancing as R2-D2 and BB-8 next to two Twi-leks and Mara Jade while the band played Lapti Nek. Here’s the fangirls signing off from Celebration Day 1!

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