Episode 20.5: The Convor Speaks

“Mythology is about what it is to not just be deeply human, but humane.” ~ Anne Convery

The Clone Wars animated series has ended, but the stories live on in an upcoming book The Clone Wars: Stories of Light and Dark coming August 25th. On this episode we sit down with one of its authors, Anne Convery, to talk about her experience studying myth and fairytales as well as the conclusion of Ahsoka’s journey in The Clone Wars. The conversation ranges from Disney movies to Lord of the Rings, cosplaying to Animal Crossing, vision quests to finding yourself. As the wife of showrunner Dave Filoni, she has some interesting insight that fans will enjoy.

“Owls, they’re mysterious, they’re nighttime. In a lot of cultures they mean death, or harbingers of death; as well as tied to wisdom.”


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