Priority Transmission #21: LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales Roundtable

LEGO STAR WARS TERRIFYING TALES is a spirited short film arriving on Disney+ starting October 1st! It is full of mystery and definitely funny. Star Wars fans of all ages will have a spookily good time watching it. Recently, Sandra Choute and Teresa Delgado joined a roundtable with key creatives David Shayne (Writer) & Ken Cunningham (Director) to talk about the process of making the short film and character choice.


In LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales, Poe Dameron and BB-8 crash land on the lava world of Mustafar. They soon find themselves on a journey inside Darth Vader’s castle, where they learn scary stories of the past and uncover a devious dark-side plot…

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Participating in the roundtable: 

  • Fangirls Going Rogue: Sandra Choute & Teresa Delgado
  • Fantha Tracks: Mark Newbold
  • Friends of the Force: A Star Wars Podcast: Brad Whipple and Sarah Hass
  • Full of Sith: Holly Frey and Bryan Young
  • Jedi News: James Burns
  • Rebel Scum: Michael Jones
  • Skywalking Network: Melissa Miller


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